Fleet Management Information System

Our fleet management information system (FMIS) covers all aspects of fleet asset management including administration, finance, rentals, equipment and drivers.

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Our Products

Our Fleet Information and Asset Management software is purpose-built to simplify and automate all aspects of fleet maintenance management and administration.  

Fleet Management Information System

Manage, monitor and control your fleet with real-time data; Improve operational efficiency, and gain better insight to make quick and informed decisions.

Fleet Asset Management

A full maintenance lease and rental Fleet Management System. Optimise your fleet by reducing costs, improving efficiency and ensuring compliance across your entire fleet operation.

FleetDomain Overview

Advanced fleet management software and fleet information system. Built in Africa, for the African market.
fmis administration


Our Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) gives you complete visibility over the performance and costs of your fleet, in a single centralised system. Our easy-to-access web-based solution empowers your team with a comprehensive range of fleet management tools to make their job easier. 

FleetDomain is pre-integrated into dozens of third-party African fuel and vehicle data providers, giving you a single view of your fleet. You gain control of your fleet performance and operations while eliminating reliance on paper documents, spreadsheets and manual administration. 

Finance & Sales

Our advanced Fleet Management System includes comprehensive but easy to use financial modules, including General Ledgers, Debtors, Creditors and Fixed Assets (non-vehicular assets). Multiple financial calculations; user-definable for different rental types and debtors. Industry-standard vehicle maintenance and residual values available at your fingertips.
fmis finance sales
fmis billing

Billing & Invoices

FleetDomain includes flexible billing and invoicing options per Debtor, for long and short term rental agreements. You can create almost limitless billing methodologies and stop relying on spreadsheets and manual, error-prone processes.

Reporting & Dashboards

Our fleet management software gives you the ability to create customised reports that are easy to interpret and view. Configure user permissions for your entire team, enabling them to view fleet performance reports and action reports – all in a single location. Reports and extracts can be distributed automatically by email, at intervals of your choice, notifying your business of critical information and risks in near real-time.
fmis reporting
fmis maintenance

Maintenance & Repairs

Our fleet maintenance management software empowers you to easily track and report on information, time, and cost associated with end-to-end fleet maintenance. Never miss a service again. With automated email reminders you can easily schedule services to prevent downtime and complications.

Driver Management

Manage risks by monitoring driver behaviour and offences. Our integrated driver information management modules enable easy access to driver information, ensuring policy compliance and giving you a 360-degree view of both your fleet and your drivers.
fmis drivers


Our fleet management software and maintenance system is packed with features and add-ons designed to simplify and streamline your fleet management. Manage vehicles, drivers, equipment, fuel, repairs, rentals, finance, compliance, and a lot more. 
Vehicle Register
Vehicle Maintenance Management
Vehicle Inspection Checklist
Vehicle Tracking 
Vehicle Disposals
Licencing, Registration & COF
Data Reporting & Exporting
Document Management
Fuel Cost Management
Fuel Cards
Long & Short Term Leasing
General Ledger
Rental Agreements
Debtor Management
Creditor Management
Job Costing & Work Orders
Web-based, Unlimited Users
Driver Register
Driver Licence & PRdP Renewal
AARTO & NaTIS Compliance
Fines Management
Accident Management
Fixed Assets Management
Supplier Management

Software And Services

FleetDomain is built and supported by a team of technical and domain experts with decades of fleet management hands-on experience. 


Purpose built by industry experts to simplify fleet management


Into most major fuel companies and financial institutions


Ensuring your systems run optimally and your team is supported


Our fleet management software is localised and integrated into dozens of tracking and fuel card companies. We automatically gather data from your 3rd party suppliers, enabling you to effectively manage vehicles and drivers from a single cloud application.
fleetdomain Integrations
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    fleetdomain altech
    fleetdomain selftrack
fleetdomain fleet management system

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