Fleet Asset Management (FAM)

A full maintenance lease and rental Fleet Management System. Optimise your fleet by reducing costs, improve efficiency and ensuring compliance across your entire fleet operations.

Integrated Accounting Modules

  • A comprehensive, user-friendly and fully integrated accounting module
  • Including short term & operating rentals; full maintenance & financial leases


  • Allows you to organise, coordinate and monitor your fleet to improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide compliance with government regulations.
  • Able to import data directly from your various service providers.


Create and manage the following functions:
  • Create & manage rate categories
  • Supply quotations
  • Full management of bookings
  • Manage initial agreement process
  • Manage final agreements process
  • Automated billing


Create and manage the following functions:
  • Create own contract types
  • Manage contract initiation process
  • Quote on multiple vehicles
  • Manage procurement process
  • Automated billing
  • Restructure contracts
  • Manage termination of contracts

Driver Register

  • A comprehensive register with personal information, like names, addresses, ID numbers, telephone numbers, etc
  • Detailed licence information, including multiple driving codes and PrDP information
  • Automated calculation of AARTO demerit points, and tracking of suspended and cancelled licences


  • Maintain a detailed and automated database of all suppliers
  • Maintain a purchases analysis, broken down into the major cost categories such as vehicle purchases, fuel & oil, maintenance, tyres and additional costs

Maintenance Management

  • Able to integrate into any of the systems provided by the various managed maintenance providers
  • The system integrates with the workshop module, as well as card-based systems

Vehicle Procurement & Delivery

Create and manage the following functions:

  • Vehicle selection with a full set of specifications and calculations
  • Comprehensive estimates and calculations
  • Create and manage purchasing process

Vehicle Disposal

  • Replacement calculations
  • Allows various disposals methods

Driver Licence & PRdP Renewals

  • Contains all the driver licence and PrDP information
  • Automated reporting system to identify licence renewals within the correct time period

Licencing, Registration and COF

  • Contains all the vehicle registration details, as well as a detailed database of the licence and licence disk information
  • Automated reporting system to identify licence renewals within the correct time period

Fines Management

  • Manage fines and penalty points accurately, and within the specified time limits

Accident Management

  • Able to record both accidents and incidents, in a format that is recognisable and compliant with industry standards and practices.

Fuel Management

  • Manually capture or Import fuel records from, an internal fuel site, fuel card systems or download it from local service stations

Tracking Systems (OBC) & Vehicle Security

  • Link directly into various third-party GPS/Tracking companies and systems, on both a real-time basis as well as a batch update methodology

AARTO & NaTIS Compliance

  • Fully compliant with NaTIS (National Traffic Information System) and AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) legislation

Data Retrieval, Reporting & Export

  • User-friendly report generator to retrieve various data & produce customisable reports
  • Schedule auto-generated reports to be sent to multiple recipients via email
  • Lookup of data at no additional cost

Document Management

Electronic versioning of all of documentation uploaded

  • Electronic versioning of all of documentation uploaded
  • Able to upload necessary supporting documents with clear identification

Fleet Management Information System (FMIS)

Manage, monitor and control your fleet with real-time data; Improve operational efficiency, and gain better insight to make quick and informed decisions.

product suite Overview

The system combines a set of modules that meet the life cycle demands of even the most unique and challenging fleet.

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