Our Market

Medium to Large Fleet Management

  1. A bureau-based software system that will take the strain out of managing your fleet, both vehicle and drivers under your control.
  2. Our system automatically gathers data/information from all 3rd party suppliers used by your company, enabling fleet managers to gain insight of their fleet. This will allow you to make quick informed decisions by utilising our user-friendly interface and visual real-time dashboards.
  3. Your data is stored in a secure environment delivered to you via a Web based system allowing you to log in from multiple devices, anywhere, anytime.
  4. Improve and optimise your corporate ROI.
  5. Industry expert consultants are made available to you to provide as much information to streamline your system around your unique operations.
  6. No need to purchase software or software licensing; fee is based per vehicle.
  7. No call centre, but access to dedicated fleet consultants and service desk for any assistance required.

Vehicle Finance Companies

  1. Our FleetDomain system fully integrates with an accounting system.
  2. Manage your fleet financing and leasing strategies.
  3. A unique combination of mix-and-match components are available to system users, enabling them to create and manage unlimited number of finance contract types and not restricted to the traditional products offered by the industry.

Long/short term Rental Companies

  1. Our FleetDomain is an end-to-end system focused on the vehicle rental industry
  2. With a comprehensive accounting system that comprises of general ledgers, debtors, creditors and fixed asset modules, fully integrated with all of the fleet management components as well as rental contract management.
  3. Suited for any franchise and independent companies.
  4. Unique features enabling you to manage your fleet with ease.

Automotive groups; Manufacturers

  1. Our FleetDomain system is specifically designed to allow manufactures, fleet operators and dealerships to easily share information with their customers when it comes to buying and making decisions.
  2. Our system enables you to select the right vehicle based on price, specifications, financing cost, and depreciation that may assist with decision making when buying.
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