The Argility Technology Group has announced the launch of its latest product innovation, MultiTRAX, a delivery management mobile app that enables businesses to schedule deliveries and manage administration, while at the same time providing their customers with real-time tracking capabilities.

Marko Salic, CEO of the Argility Technology Group, notes one of the most exciting aspects of the launch of this product is that the concept was developed in-house through the group’s Shark Tank initiative.

“We launched the Shark Tank initiative in 2016 as a vehicle to encourage staff to participate and contribute their ideas for new product development. We set up an adjudication panel that comprised senior executives from both Argility and a leading SA retail corporation. The winning team received a monetary reward, but even more exciting is the fact that they saw their idea come alive as a fully developed marketable product,” says Salic.

MultiTRAX provides real-time delivery management information such as the current location of drivers, the routes followed, and a holistic view of the progress of all deliveries. “Customers are provided with real-time information, including estimated arrival time, current location of a delivery and more.”

Salic adds this innovative product delivers benefits to businesses and their customers. “From the business perspective, the app provides easy access to delivery documents, immediate delivery confirmation and the ability to schedule routes. The businesses’ customers enjoy a unique connected and reliable delivery experience and are able to track the location and progress of their delivery at any time in the entire process. A customer-centric business culture that leads to consistently positive customer experiences should be a core focus of any organisation. It translates into competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.”

He confirms the product is already generating market interest with planned deployments in major South African brand organisations.

Tanya Long, Argility Chief Operating Officer, says 2019 will see the technology innovator taking its Shark Tank initiative to another level. “Not only will it be about promoting staff to develop innovative ideas, but will also aim to encourage them to define what return on investment the concept may hold for customers. In today’s fast moving world, it is vital to build entrepreneurial skills and business acumen within organisations and we are striving to ensure that our teams are not only technical experts, but are also able to quantify and design bottom-line, value-adding solutions that give our customers the edge in their respective industries,” says Long.

Source: IT Web

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