Fleet Domain, part of the Argility Technology Group, has announced best practices aimed at reducing fleet management costs and delivering a successful fleet management programme.

“Cost savings are fundamental to successful fleet management. They impact bottom line, operational efficiency and the ability to remain competitive in the market,” says Johan van Niekerk, Fleet Solutions Consultant, Fleet Domain. “Implementing strategies to control costs while maintaining high-quality services and safety standards is essential for any business that relies on a fleet of vehicles. Fleet cost savings are driven by having enforceable fleet policies in place that govern corporate safety, health and risk issues. Fleet costs are recognised to be managed and reduced by following internationally accepted principles that cover:

Van Niekerk confirms that without having all three of these pillars in place, a company will be unable to manage safety, risk mitigation and operational fleet costs. “All the above are geared to focus on reducing and improving the cents per kilometre (cpk) cost of a fleet.”

Fleet Domain recommends the following best practices:


Cost management is all important

"FleetDomain's Online Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) produces comprehensive centralised information reports. These encompass all facets of fleet management, spanning vehicle selection, acquisition, procurement, delivery and termination, as well as tracking integration, accident records and fines. Succinctly put, our FMIS provides the market with cost-effective, innovative and dependable fleet management," Van Niekerk concludes.

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Source: ITWeb | Security Solutions

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